• Web Engineering
  • 8 Months
  • 2 hrs/day
  • Sun-Fri
  • I learned basic computing at SLIG. The class they provide are wonderful. I've become a good user of computer in a short period.

    Neha KCStudent
  • Learning Computer at SLIG is joyful. My choice was excellent.

    Sanju Aryalstudent
  • Computer lab at SLIG is very shophisticated. Teachers are qualified and friendly.

    Mani RaiStudent

Diploma in Software Engineering

SLIG Learning Next-gen IT Career training starts here!

IT industry in Nepal has shown phenomenal growth in the last decade. With innovative technologies evolving every day, the Nepali IT industry is set to become the fastest growing market globally.

Technologies like cloud computing, application development, big data, analytics, web development, e-commerce, etc, there is a huge requirement of trained IT professionals with skills in different technologies.

SLIG prepares you to be a part of this growing industry with a wide variety of courses that train you in the latest technologies.

At SLIG you'll get high quality, industry ready software engineering course from the experts

  • Highly experienced team of software engineers
  • High quality study materials like notes, books, and soft copy
  • 6 days early morning to late evening timings so that every one can take benefit from our training
  • Affordable fee

The course will involve the following programs:

  • C programming
  • Website development
  • MySQL
  • Cloud computing
  • Big data
  • Web application
  • Mobile app development
  • Java
  • .NET