• Office Package
  • 2 Months
  • 2 hrs/day
  • Sun-Fri
  • I learned basic computing at SLIG. The class they provide are wonderful. I've become a good user of computer in a short period.

    Neha KCStudent
  • Learning Computer at SLIG is joyful. My choice was excellent.

    Sanju Aryalstudent
  • Computer lab at SLIG is very shophisticated. Teachers are qualified and friendly.

    Mani RaiStudent

Office Package

Microsoft Office training courses at Koenig offer you the latest version of MS Office Suite along with various upgrades to make your work easier and more streamlined. Taking up MS Office certifications will not only make you aware of all the new tools and functions available, but also help you make the most of your Office operations. The course focuses on Word Expert training, Excel Expert training and PowerPoint training.

Additional course included in this package includes accounting package like Tally and Photoshop for graphics designing.

Part 1: MS Word

This module will provide students knowledge of MS. Word. Word is one of the most popular text editor which is used to create letters, prepare reports, thesis. It is used in almost every organization along with students while preparing different types of reports.

  • Creating styles and formatting documents
  • Creating Table of Contents, List of tables, list of figures
  • Creating bibliography automatically
  • Creating multiple header and footer in the document
  • Track changes in the document documents
  • Using smart art
  • Creating flowcharts using basic shapes

Part2: MS Excel

  • Using basic excel formulas to perform simple calculations
  • Formatting cells to input types of values
  • Using filters
  • Sorting the records
  • Inserting graphs
  • Using page break preview to create boundary for pages in excel
  • Printing pages in excel sheet
  • Using If formulae, if - and formulae, sum, sum-if, sum - product
  • Preparing result sheet, salary sheet

Part 3: MS Power Point

  • Creating effective Microsoft PowerPoint presentations
  • Using background themes or templates, font style, color schemes for presentation
  • Apply slide transition effect
  • Create custom animation
  • Create time based presentation using rehearsals
  • Printing presentation in handout formats
  • Set printing preferences to use less ink for draft copies

Part 4: Email/Internet

  • Introduction to browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari
  • Knowledge of bookmarking, history, tabs
  • Difference between http and https
  • Sending email with attachments
  • Introduction to POP, SMTP protocols, incoming mail server and outgoing mail server
  • Configuring POP emails to outlook express
  • Follow up emails in Outlook
  • Schedule, coordinate and invite for meetings using outlook express
  • Create a to do list using outlook express
  • Using search engines to find the relevant content
  • Using different searching patterns
  • Collaboration using Google Docs
  • Introduction to blog
  • Use of Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter for online promotion of product/ services

Part 5: Tally

  • Accounting.
  • Billing.
  • Sales and profit analysis.
  • Banking.
  • Inventory.
  • Taxation (VAT, TDS, TCS)
  • . Read more at: www.aiming.in

Part 6: Graphics Designing

  • Using photoshop tools
  • Modifying Image resolution
  • Color modes
  • Designing Banners
  • Designing websites
  • Designing visiting cards