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  • We recruit highly qualified and experienced Cooks, Waiters, Waitresses, Drivers, Factory Workers, Laborers, Plumbers, Electricians, IT Technicians, Engineers, Nurses and other professionals for working abroad in Canada, USA, UK, Poland, Australia, Romania, Denmark, and India.
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SLIG :: Language Link :: Language Classes

Secured Life International Group (SLIG) has better language labs, library, and highly qualified language instructors. We have the modern lab equipped with computer, audio, video, and multimedia projectors for better teaching and learning experience.

We currently provide the following language classes:

  • English Language
  • German Language
  • French Language
  • Spanish Language
  • Spanish Language
  • Italian Language
  • Hebrew Language
  • Chinese Language
  • Japanese Language
  • Korean Language
  • Nepali Language

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